Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Filipino Way of I Love You

Mahal kita.
This ia how we say I love you in ournative language.
We cook for our loved ones.
We normally go somewhere: in different places, unusual or most known place.

Not to forget Flowers and Chocolates.
We sometimes celebrate it with watching movies.
Or visit the nearest Motties for others.

For everyone with family and kids-
We celebrate eating with the whole family.
Cook their favorites, with the most Chocolatey Cake and other desserts.

Filipino way of celebrating is somehow different.
Some were very frequent but most are in a very unique dos.

We normally say what we want.
We do simple dates.
We give our loved ones depending on what their favorites are.
By color, food etc.

Sometimes in a very expensive way like Skyline/Skydiving proposal of their love and respect.
Some at any advertisement or anything that many will see their proposal.

Like with me and housemate (me, hubby, his brother and sister and Chev)
took our early Valentine Breakfast at Pan De Americana at SSS village. sunday morning before we leave our house at Concepcion.

It's a great place to unwind.
Very relaxing with background music and arts gallery and old things around.

Filipinoes celebrate Valentines in a very conservative way somehow.
Still it's our native ways rules.
If one don't agrees the other party listens.

Happy Hearts Day everyone.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Anong Meron?


Main Language-Tagalog
Secondary-English, Spanish

Ang lahat ng mga artikolo sa blog na ito as ayon lamang sa king mga opinion at mga nalalaman base sa aking exkspiryensa.

Isa lang ako sa bilyong mamamayan ng Pilipinas, may nalalaman rin tungkol sa bansa at kagawian namin.

Gusto ko lang magbahagi ng kung anong mga kagawian, at lahat ng aming maikukwento na makakapagbigay sa inyo ng impormasyon kung ano ang meron sa Pilipinas. Kung bakit nasabing more fun in the Philippines.

Sa totoo lang, mas gusto ko sa Pilipinas.
Saan ka man abutin ng gutom mo. affordable ang mga pagkain at subok na mabubudok ka rin naman talaga kahit sa halang P20-P50 lang ang budget mo.

Mga Lugar na Kakaiba!

Isa sa pinaka malinis na lugar sa Pilipinas.
Bawal ang sidewalk vendors.
Kahit kwek-kwek kailangan mo paring mag karoon ng lisensya.
Ganoon nila binibigyang halaga ang kalusugan ng mga tao sa lungsod nila.
Kilala sila na pagawaan ng mga sapatos.
Pinakamatitibay at unique at naihalal pang biggest shoes sa Guiness long time ago.
Halos puro one-way ang daan.
Taxable 80% ng mga lupain at mg negosyo pero higit na binibigyang pansin ang mga Senior dito.
Oops! Wag patawid-tawid basta-basta!
J-Walking rules along the road.
Kakantahin mo ang Pambansang awit ng Pilipinas at gagawin mo rin ang Panatang Makabayan.
At Multang P100-P500 at community work for half day.
Maliban dito, kung ikukumpara sa ibang lugar, medyo may kamahalan ang upa ng bahay, mga bilihin sa pelengke at hindi basta basta ang pagkuha ng mga business dito.
They are best know for most disciplined community.

Quezon City--
Isa sa pinaka-malaking lungsod sa Metro Manila.
Pinaka paborito kong lugar na puntahan kung saan nakakatanggal ng pagod ay ang Quezon City Memorial Circle.

Isang City park na bukas sa lahat na may nais mag excercise, biking, walking, maglaro sa kanilang bagong amusement park, zip line, boat ride, at picnic syempre pa.

Libre ang entrance.
May bayad ang parking pero sa halaga lang na P5-P10, murang mura.

May playground para sa mga bata, ganun din sa mga toddlers lang.
Maraming tyangge sa gilid at piling site sa loob nito.

Most viewed ng kalahatan, ang dancing fountain with Music syempre at ang Quezon City Circle
Monument with changing lights.

Foods along the bike lane are available good fro your stay in the place.

Quezon City also have:
Eco-Park- You can visit here the Lamesa Dam.
They have swimming pool areas, activity areas, Picnic and Photo shooting areas.
Lots of flowers available. Tall trees!
Brown soil and Fish ponds.

There are so many places availabe in Quezon City.
For now these two are examples where you can enjoy your family bonding and activities!

to be continued...

Next stop:
Negros Occidental (Bacolod-Lacarlota-Sibucao)

Next Topic:
Food & Beverags

Next Hit:
Religion, Language-Dialect, Dress Code!

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I love my Pink LIPSTICK on!

this is so Pink.
I know I really hate Pink..
But since fashion is in line for me no to be left behind,
I put colors to my lips.
This signifies what you want to tells via your lips.
I've ordered 2 more colors and 1 liquid blush but nor me I'll give t sister-in-law
(just the liquid blush)

this Pink is Neon!
Killer Pink they call it.
Looks like brand new Pink, it will fully give life to your lips.
I'll post the Pic later on from my mobile phon,
Just wait and see how it kills other colors ;)

In my opinion:
Dark colors- Gloomy days
Light colors- Happy moments and light feelings
Neon colors- Naughty minds and playful attitude

What I have inside my bag:
My Eye make up w/ MAC 24 eyeshadow colors
Lipstick from Sophie,
Concealer from Benefit and
Mascara from Avon
My Foundation from Local HBC Philippine made
Lip liner from Avon
Eye Liner form Eastgirl
Face CreamPowder from Skin White
Lip gloss from Avon
Dusty Mauve Blsh from Ever Bilena
Body Shimmer Spray from Victoria Secret and
Maxfactor liquid Foundation

there are lots of things inside my bag
mobile phones, hairbrush, Money and alot more.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Blogging Me!

it is all about what I think,
anything I desire,
all that I wish for,
what I dreamed about,
childish attitude,
missing moments,
thanksful days,
awful times,
anything that drive me- crazy, poorly, so indifferent
about my child,
growing him at my qualities,
what he needs and what to have,
this is the blog of my future thinking,
blogging everything that I want to share the world..
sales process to declined deals,
rudeness and happiness,
sharing of good and bad qualities,
what I believe in life as it is,
my religion,
my possisions, obsessions, cruelty at once,
this is ME in short, this is BLOGGING ME!

Blogging about yourself isn't that easy-
as you are to tell the world
whatever things you have in mind!
But following the basic will definitely help
on how you can maintain your blogging stats
while doing your personal things on the other hand.

Stuff collections

These are the tings I might be sharing about this Blog site.
For today as I only have 1 hour left to post my blog,

I can tell...
It's a tough day,
I have problems with my blooger account.
Ihate the draft blogger as my default page,
I want to get back with my default dashboard.
I hope anyone can help me with that!

I want to check blogger as well on my mobile,
Since I have 3 days unlimited internet ;)

But most of all.....
My sensitive side and the only thing that bother's me is...
I miss my Chev, my smart and intelligent baby boy!
My Inspiration to everything I'm doing right now.
And my Loved-one! You! It's you!

See you tomorrow!
promise to share enything that I can
since I'm bored by just taking calls during work hours!
Atleast I'm maximizing every hours I have in my life!