Monday, 18 July 2011

Blogging Me!

it is all about what I think,
anything I desire,
all that I wish for,
what I dreamed about,
childish attitude,
missing moments,
thanksful days,
awful times,
anything that drive me- crazy, poorly, so indifferent
about my child,
growing him at my qualities,
what he needs and what to have,
this is the blog of my future thinking,
blogging everything that I want to share the world..
sales process to declined deals,
rudeness and happiness,
sharing of good and bad qualities,
what I believe in life as it is,
my religion,
my possisions, obsessions, cruelty at once,
this is ME in short, this is BLOGGING ME!

Blogging about yourself isn't that easy-
as you are to tell the world
whatever things you have in mind!
But following the basic will definitely help
on how you can maintain your blogging stats
while doing your personal things on the other hand.

Stuff collections

These are the tings I might be sharing about this Blog site.
For today as I only have 1 hour left to post my blog,

I can tell...
It's a tough day,
I have problems with my blooger account.
Ihate the draft blogger as my default page,
I want to get back with my default dashboard.
I hope anyone can help me with that!

I want to check blogger as well on my mobile,
Since I have 3 days unlimited internet ;)

But most of all.....
My sensitive side and the only thing that bother's me is...
I miss my Chev, my smart and intelligent baby boy!
My Inspiration to everything I'm doing right now.
And my Loved-one! You! It's you!

See you tomorrow!
promise to share enything that I can
since I'm bored by just taking calls during work hours!
Atleast I'm maximizing every hours I have in my life!

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