Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Filipino Way of I Love You

Mahal kita.
This ia how we say I love you in ournative language.
We cook for our loved ones.
We normally go somewhere: in different places, unusual or most known place.

Not to forget Flowers and Chocolates.
We sometimes celebrate it with watching movies.
Or visit the nearest Motties for others.

For everyone with family and kids-
We celebrate eating with the whole family.
Cook their favorites, with the most Chocolatey Cake and other desserts.

Filipino way of celebrating is somehow different.
Some were very frequent but most are in a very unique dos.

We normally say what we want.
We do simple dates.
We give our loved ones depending on what their favorites are.
By color, food etc.

Sometimes in a very expensive way like Skyline/Skydiving proposal of their love and respect.
Some at any advertisement or anything that many will see their proposal.

Like with me and housemate (me, hubby, his brother and sister and Chev)
took our early Valentine Breakfast at Pan De Americana at SSS village. sunday morning before we leave our house at Concepcion.

It's a great place to unwind.
Very relaxing with background music and arts gallery and old things around.

Filipinoes celebrate Valentines in a very conservative way somehow.
Still it's our native ways rules.
If one don't agrees the other party listens.

Happy Hearts Day everyone.

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